The Stoic Handbook by Jon Brooks

Stoicism Meets Authenticity: A Conversation with Dan Munro

August 11, 2023
The Stoic Handbook by Jon Brooks
Stoicism Meets Authenticity: A Conversation with Dan Munro
Show Notes
"If someone says, “I’m a fucking loser,” that’s a form of dishonesty. What you actually are is a collection of atoms talking to each other. To say that you’re a loser isn’t accurately describing yourself. To say, “right now I’m having a thought that I’m a loser and engaging in some self-pity around that,” that’s more accurate."

— Dan Munro

“When I say I was working with criminal offenders, really I was just coaching people, and now I’m still coaching people it’s just they’re less likely to be in a gang these days.”

— Dan Munro

A recommendation from a friend led me to Dan Munro, a coach whose transformative impact was evident. Intrigued, I reached out to Dan to delve deeper into his coaching philosophy and to establish a connection. Our conversation revealed an unexpected link: Dan mentioned that Donald Robertson, renowned Stoicism writer, was penning the foreword for his upcoming book on honesty. Interestingly, I had just interviewed Donald for my podcast.

About Dan Munro:

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, and currently residing in the Czech Republic, Dan Munro is a Confidence Coach who has made waves with his unique approach. He's the founder of the Brojo men's mastermind group and the author of "The Legendary Life" and "Nothing to Lose." His experience as a probation officer provided him with invaluable insights into human behavior, especially with individuals resistant to change.

Dan's personal journey of grappling with authenticity and genuine connections has shaped his coaching philosophy. It's often said that those who face challenges head-on, eventually master them and become profound guides for others.

To gain insights into living an authentic life and navigating the world with unwavering confidence, tune into this episode.

In this episode, we explore:

  • The pivotal role of honesty in cultivating confidence
  • Distinguishing effective coaching from the ineffective
  • Strategies to handle manipulative individuals
  • The shadowy aspects of the pick-up industry
  • The essence of "being yourself"
  • Dan's transformative 30-day confidence challenge
Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction to Dan Munro [04:25]
  • The essence of "confidence" in Dan's perspective [05:27]
  • Unpacking the term "confidence" [08:15]
  • The significance of core values [11:55]
  • Dan's personal evolution and journey to his current self [14:15]
  • Dan's exploration of pick-up artistry and its alignment with authenticity [20:25]
  • The impact of "honesty" on clients' romantic pursuits [25:25]
  • Jon Brooks shares his tryst with authenticity in relationships [30:25]
  • Addressing self-doubt and the idea of "being oneself" [32:25]
  • The importance of accuracy in honest communication [36:15]
  • Dan's stance on truthfulness and the circumstances that might lead him to deviate [39:25]
  • Addressing clients entangled in toxic relationships based on...


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