The Stoic Handbook by Jon Brooks

Habits of a Warrior: A Guide to Serious Play with Eric Brown

July 17, 2023
The Stoic Handbook by Jon Brooks
Habits of a Warrior: A Guide to Serious Play with Eric Brown
Show Notes

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"Habits and your daily disciplines cast a vote for the person you want to be and for the person that you're becoming."

"If you want to own the identity and feel rooted in the identity of being a meditator, there's only actually one thing you need to do and that's either an obstacle or an opportunity, is just meditate regularly." 

In this episode, we have the privilege of interviewing Eric Brown. Eric is a passionate advocate for personal transformation and growth, co-creator of Phoenix Culture and creator of Warrior 100, a powerful initiative aimed at fostering personal discipline and wellbeing. In our discussion, we dive deep into the practices of self-discipline, mindfulness, and the true value of personal development. 

Eric illustrates the importance of commitment and community when it comes to transformative practices such as meditation and physical training. Our conversation highlights the tangible benefits of integrating these practices into our daily routines, and how they can ultimately become a seamless part of our identity. Join us as we explore the power of self-discipline and how the cultivation of good habits can profoundly alter our experience of life.

What you'll learn: 

  • The importance of valuing personal growth and how to decide its worth.
  • How community support can foster success in personal transformation.
  • The science behind habit formation and the concept of "identity-level transformation."
  • Practical methods of fitting meditation and physical exercise into a daily routine.
  • The detrimental effects of excessive screen time and how to repurpose it for personal development.
  • The necessity of imposing personal structure in our lives to foster discipline.
  • The importance of the 'do the thing' philosophy for practical skill acquisition over theoretical knowledge.
  • The idea of "judo flipping" your life into deeper alignment by changing daily habits.
  • How the practice of martial arts can mirror lessons for life and personal growth.


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