The Stoic Handbook by Jon Brooks

A Stoic Life: Real-world Applications of Stoic Principles with Donald Robertson

July 05, 2023 Donald Robertson
The Stoic Handbook by Jon Brooks
A Stoic Life: Real-world Applications of Stoic Principles with Donald Robertson
Show Notes

"Stoicism provides us with a kind of psychological toolbox. It's full of strategies for helping us cope with anxiety, anger, pain, and all sorts of emotional problems."

"People who love Stoicism often read the Meditations over and over. You can squeeze more and more out of it the more you read it."

In this episode, we're thrilled to be joined by a renowned expert in Stoicism Donald Robertson.  This episode was created a few years ago on the HighExistence podcast but has never been shared on the Stoic Handbook podcast. 

In my discussion with Donald, we explore the rich history of this ancient philosophy and unravel the wisdom of some of the great Stoic thinkers including Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, and Seneca. As we dissect key Stoic texts, we will also discover how to effectively apply these age-old teachings to address modern-day challenges. Whether you’re new to Stoicism or well-acquainted, get ready to embark on an enlightening journey that transcends time and sheds light on living a meaningful and contented life.

In the episode, you'll learn... 

  • Introduction to the ancient philosophy of Stoicism and its historical background.
  • Insight into the fundamental principles of Stoicism, including rationality, virtue, and acceptance of fate.
  • Exploration of key Stoic texts including Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, Epictetus’ Handbook, and Seneca’s Letters.
  • Discussion on the contemporary relevance of Stoicism and how it addresses modern challenges such as anxiety and depression.
  • A guide on how to effectively study and interpret Stoic texts.
  • Examination of Stoicism’s influence on cognitive behavioral therapy and psychological practices.
  • The importance of community and connection in Stoic philosophy.
  • Overview of modern adaptations and interpretations of Stoicism, including books by Ryan Holiday.
  • Personal reflections and stories of how Stoicism has profoundly impacted the expert’s life.
  • Recommendations on how to integrate Stoic principles into daily life for greater well-being and contentment.

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